(How to stop dog urine from killing grass) If you’ve got got a canine, then possibilities are you furthermore may have brown spots in your garden.

This occurs because canine urine is wealthy in nitrogen, which kills grass, while focused quantities gather over time.

The results of canine urine in your garden are comparable to that of a nitrogen-wealthy liquid fertilizer. A small quantity of fertilizer makes your backyard healthy.

However, an excessive amount will kill your garden. To save you burns, you want to lessen the amount of nitrogen that comes into touch with your grass.

Follow those five hints to a greener and more healthy garden:

1.Improve Your Lawn Less

Fertilized lawns might also have already got as good a deal of nitrogen as they can handle. Even a small quantity of nitrogen in canine urine can be all this is had to burn the garden.

2.Spray Areas Where Your Dog Urinates

Pouring water into the region after your canine urinates will assist in diluting the urine and reducing the results of the nitrogen in your garden.

3.Encourage Your Dog To Drink Water

The greater your canine drinks, the much less nitrogen might be focused inside the urine and the less unfavourable it’ll be for your garden. It may also be more healthy on your canine.

4.Replant Affected Areas

Ryegrass and Fescue are the maximum urine-resistant grass, while Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda are the most sensitive.

5.Apply A Lawn Repair

Some treatments, including Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment, include natural enzymes with soil cleansers to flush the salts from the foundation zone.

How to Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally?
Now that we’ve understood why canine pee is killing the grass and recognize that we can’t do plenty besides dealing with this unique detail on your Fido’s pee—lessen nitrogen in canine urine.

Here are the 4 methods you could save your dog urine from killing grass naturally:

1.Balanced Diet

Protein is typically stored excessively in puppies’ diets because of their fitness requirements.

However, consequently, it will increase the probabilities of grass burn and increase the awareness of nitrogen in canine urine.

To remedy this problem without decreasing protein intake on your bushy friend, you could feed him human food, greens, and culmination.

These edibles no longer lessen nitrogen in canine urine but best stability the outcomes of protein. Besides, they also can offer numerous fitness benefits.

You could provide canine beats, beets, broccoli, and carrots for soft greens. Similarly, you could permit your dog friend to culminate with bananas, watermelon, pomegranates, apricots.


The extra hydrated a canine is, the extra grass-pleasant his pee will be. Just as within side the preceding point, puppies having higher water degrees of their frame result in their balanced eating regimen and diluted nitrogen in urine.

Therefore, offer the correct quantity of sparkling and easy water in your dog daily. You also can grow your canine’s water consumption by serving him moist canned food.

Nevertheless, if you maintain your canine hydrated well, brace yourself for him changing right into a peeing machine.

3.Spraying the Area

Right after your canine pees at the grass, seize a hose and spray the location with water.

Doing so additionally dilutes the urine, as stated within the closing point; however, this time after leaving the frame. As a result, the effect on grass will lessen.


There are loads of dietary supplements within the marketplace, mainly designed to balance the pH and nitrogen in canine urine. These products, thus, restrict the results on grass.

Pet Honesty Chews for Dogs contains herbal components like cranberry, probiotics, and apple cider vinegar.

Besides keeping your lawn’s greenery, it also maintains your canine’s digestive device healthy.

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